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Amelie ( September 17 - 24 )

She is not an angel, she is a witch ... it takes just one look into her beautiful eyes and you are lost. She will draw you to herself with nearly magical power and you will not be able to resist. She is a young girl, but do not be fooled by her age. She knows exactly how to massage and relax your stiff body, excite all your senses with B2B or how to play with you during a light BDSM games. Let yourself get caught in her nets and come to our little witch for a massage to find out that without you actually knowing why, you’ll still have to think about her, return to her in your secret imaginations and look forward to the moment when you can meet her again in our salon.

Age:21 Height:170 Weight:55 Breast: Natural A

Patricia ( September 18 - 24 )

Though she plays for Angel's team, she's a girl with a devil inside. Her massage is very sensual and exciting. Dont miss B2B with her, but if you want something sharper , we recommend BDSM with our Patricia.

Age:31 Height:170 Weight:65 Breast: Silicone C

Anita ( September 20 - 27 )

She is our adorable curly little Angel, a fine ethereal girl at first sight. If you like a quieter course of massage, she is the right choice. You don't have to be worry about lengthy strokes and rituals. Despite her fragile look, Anita gives high-quality massage performing the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage technique, using elbows, backs of hands combined with lava stones and cups. In B2B she is very "cuddly" and likes mutual touch.

Age:22 Height:169 Weight:53 Breast: Natural A

Nora ( September 24 - October 2 )

is a woman who already knows what is life about. She is not a immature girl who is just getting started, but a woman with lots of life experience. This experience is reflected in her work, she has been in the world of massage for several years and she knows how to flatter the men, tease his male ego and relax his tired body and mind. She can tune in to you and adapt to your rhythm just as you would dance seductive tango with her, with only one difference, that she is in lead. You just relax and leave everything in her experienced hands so you can really enjoy the full of relaxation and excitement at the same time.

Age:32 Height:163 Weight:52 Breast: Natural C

Laura ( September 25 - October 1 )

She is perfect example of womanhood in her tenderness, sensitivity and care. Each of her massages is a bit different, made especially according to client’s preferences and needs. She treats everyone individually. During her massage, you will feel like you are in real Heaven - like in the seventh heaven ;)

Age:28 Height:177 Weight:62 Breast: Silicone D

Beata ( September 25 - October 3 )

This adorable little angel has come to us only for a few days. So do not miss this opportunity to get her massage. She is very conscientious and constantly learning new styles in the world of massage. She's not just beautiful and kind, what you will find first glance, but she's a very skilled masseuse.

Age:21 Height:168 Weight:54 Breast: Natural C

Denny ( October 2 - 9 )

if you were ever dreaming about meeting a real Glamoure model, we would be happy make your dream true in our salon. Daniella is a professional model for foreign Glamoure magazines, but only in our salon you can enjoy her exceptional beauty live. It is not only the physical attraction for which we have decided to work with her, it is also because of her nature. She is very kind, she loves nature, animals and she does a lot of sports, which led her to massages. She has taken a classic massage course and is developing it further. She is not a masseuse with several years of practice, as is usual with our masseuses which who we cooperate, but she is an enthusiastic beginner. She has been trained in erotic and tantra massage and her enthusiasm and will to improve and discover new things will surely make up for the lack of practice.

Age:23 Height:162 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C

Sany ( October 3 - 10 )

Welcome a new Angel to our team, she is sweet Sany. This girl will conquer your heart with her immediate and nice nature, she is very open and friendly to everyone from the first moment. She is also very playful and can tease you and play with your imagination, just as an experienced woman. It is because of her five-year practice in the field of tantra and erotic massages, where she likes to express her sensuality, which she is ashamed to show in everyday life. Come to our Sunny to try her experienced masseuse hands and enjoy B2B massage with her smooth elastic body.

Age:25 Height:160 Weight:48 Breast: Natural A

Niky ( )

If you've always been wanting to meet a gorgeous, still smiling and yet sexy Angel, Niky is the right choice for you. Her massage can be delicate and sensitive, but also very intense and erotic. She likes to play actually..... She can excite your senses to unbearable levels and bring you to the very sky of bliss. Niky has been working in massages for several years and she has also graduated from massage school. You can look forward to a quality massage with a touch of erotic.

Age:23 Height:166 Weight:57 Breast: Natural C