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Niky ( May 11 - May 22)

If you've always been wanting to meet a gorgeous, still smiling and yet sexy Angel, Niky is the right choice for you. Her massage can be delicate and sensitive, but also very intense and erotic. She likes to play actually..... She can excite your senses to unbearable levels and bring you to the very sky of bliss. Niky has been working in massages for several years and she has also graduated from massage school. You can look forward to a quality massage with a touch of erotic.

Helen (May 13 - May 22 )

.... her name is Helen .... and just like Helen of Troy is our ultimate Femme fatale whose beauty will captivate you at first glance. She's a woman of your fate ... Self-confident, seductive and tender, who can, with her charm only, captivate and conquer any man. If you want to meet beautiful Helen, you do not have to draw your sword or go to war for her ... just pick up your phone and order a massage with her and let her cuddle and pamper you. We can secretly reveal you, that she likes to receive a gentle massage from you too, she likes to dance and her lap dance will pleasantly warm you up for what will follow. In her case it will ideally be a massage supplemented with B2B, when you will feel the touch of her velvety body in your maximal proximity.

Petra ( May 16 - May 24 )

An Angel has just arrived ... welcome her to our team and enjoy her care and pampering from our Petra. She is a typical Czech girl, beautiful, nice and friendly. She has been working in massages and wellness for 10 years, so she has a lot of experience with various types of massage. We can also tell you something personal about her ... she likes to dance. So she is perfect for combination of extras which you can order before the massage, the Lap Dance and the Spa procedure. Let your mind to be blown away by moves of her body in delicate lingerie, which she will be taking off on your lap, either alone or with your help before she will take you to the shower.

Vesna ( May 21 - May 25 )

Vesna is the Slavic Goddess of Spring and the Spring Solstice. Under her rule everything blooms and begins to turn green after a long winter. So we also want to bring you the warmth and joy of her presence. Vesna is an eternally smiling and well-tuned being, who will magnetize you with her sweet temper. Every massage is like the first loving for her. She tries to empathize with her client, to find out what he needs at the moment and give it to him with the sincere joy. But if you prefer more lively way of massage, just relax and let everything on our Goddess Vesna, which will guide you to the top of pleasure.

Catrine ( May 22- May 29 )

Each of our masseuses has something special and unique. Kate immediately acquires your by her sweet and direct (friendly) nature, everyone likes to talk to her, but if you prefer to choose silence then just let her hands talk to you. Her gentle yet experienced touch of skilled masseuse will release all the stress and strain, which you might bring with you. From Kate you will be leaving with smile on your face and beautifully relaxed.

Jennifer ( May 24 - May 28 )

A tender passion ? If you thought that connection of words wasn't possible, our Jennifer will convince you about the contrary. At first glance, she is a beautiful tender girl. But don't be fooled. There is a passion in this beauty that you will completely tame you after the first massage. Her massage is initially gentle and sensitive, but she knows exactly how and where to touch your body to create the right atmosphere and prepare you for what will follow. You just need to put yourself in her experienced hands and feel the relaxation escalated into passion. Do not forget about her B2B, when her temperament can fully shine out. Our Jennifer is looking forward to your visit.

Lily ( May 31 - June 7 )

French charm Let us introduce our little adorable Frenchwoman. Lily comes from Czech, but she traveled all over France, learned the language and the art of seducing men from French women. As Coco Chanel has already said: The girl should have two things: To be classy and fascinating ... and that's exactly what our Lily is. She is just fascinating !!! She will inspire you with her girl's innocence, behind which she masterfully hides a little wild beast. She will seduce you with her massage and will play with your fantasies. She does not like stereotypes, so every massage with her is original and different. Come and enjoy her massage and discover the taste of French charm mixed with Czech beauty.

Laura ( June 5 - June 11 )

She is perfect example of womanhood in her tenderness, sensitivity and care. Each of her massages is a bit different, made especially according to client’s preferences and needs. She treats everyone individually. During her massage, you will feel like you are in real Heaven - like in the seventh Heaven ;)

Jassmine ( June 7 - June 12 )

Jassmine is our mysterious Angel who will uncover her face when you meet her personally. Jassmine is a very beautiful and confident woman who knows exactly how to please you. She has been practising whole body massage for several years and she perfectly knows all mysteries of human body. Do not miss this opportunity to try her massage, relax and enjoy the time you spend with her.

Daniela ( June 7 - June 17 )

If you love arts, you are right with our Daniela. She has a lot of pictures on her beautiful slim body. Our tattoo fan is not only an art girl, but she's kind and still smiling. She is very popular among clients for her friendly and cheerful nature. Her massage can be delicate and sensual as well as wild and passionate, it only depends on both of you.

Beata (June 11 - June 18 )

Our sweet Angel Beata is back !!! It's not usual that masseuse returns back so soon after her last visit, but Bea likes you and you like her. Since she was not able to satisfy the demand of all of her clients during the last visit, she decided to come back sooner and take care about you again. So do not miss this opportunity and visit her to relax, calm down and enjoy her lovely company.

Nora ( )

is a woman who already knows what is life about. She is not an immature girl who is just getting started, but a woman with lots of life experience. This experience is reflected in her work, she has been in the world of massage for several years and she knows how to flatter the men, tease his male ego and relax his tired body and mind. She can tune in to you and adapt to your rhythm just as you would dance seductive tango with her, with only one difference, that she is in lead. You just relax and leave everything in her experienced hands so you can really enjoy the full of relaxation and excitement at the same time.