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Catrine ( January 23 - 31 )

Each of our masseuses has something special and unique. Catrine immediately acquires your by her sweet and direct (friendly) nature, everyone likes to talk to her, but if you prefer to choose silence then just let her hands talk to you. Her gentle yet experienced touch of skilled masseuse will release all the stress and strain, which you might bring with you. From Catrine you will be leaving with smile on your face and beautifully relaxed.

Age:26 Height:163 Weight:55 Breast: Natural C

Alexandra ( January 24 - 30 )

Literally a new angel arrived, not from heaven, but from the wide world. Alexandra is a traveled girl who flies the world and has visited many countries where she was practising tantric and erotic massage. He has wide experience with different nationalities and knows that in each country there are different men with different preferences. Now she decided to visit your beautiful city, meet men in Norway and warm you up with her animal and unrestrained temperament. Alexandra is a self-confident beautiful girl, full of life, who likes to flirt and seduce men. Her character is also reflected in the massage, which is initially calm and fluent and turns in a moment into an erotic game. Come to welcome beautiful Alexandra and enjoy her care and sensuality, which she wants to share with you during the massage.

Age:24 Height:168 Weight:55 Breast: Natural C

Niky ( January 25 - 30 )

If you've always been wanting to meet a gorgeous, still smiling and yet sexy Angel, Niky is the right choice for you. Her massage can be delicate and sensitive, but also very intense and erotic. She likes to play actually..... She can excite your senses to unbearable levels and bring you to the very sky of bliss. Niky has been working in massages for several years and she has also graduated from massage school. You can look forward to a quality massage with a touch of erotic.

Age:21 Height:168 Weight:54 Breast: Natural C

Vanessa ( January 30 - February 7 )

The real Essence of Feminine, this is exactly a female born under sign of Fish like our Vanessa ... The queue is already growing, so please do not push yourself, everyone will get a chance, you just need to wait for your turn to come !!! Even without the help of astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of women born under this sign. Vanessa is a true oasis of peace for every man who is looking for a gentle hug and a warm touch not only of her skillful hands, but also of her beautiful and soft body at B2B. She likes to spoil the man and take care of their comfort, if they need to talk themselves out, she will also be a loyal listener. There is no time to hesitate, later you may not get a date with our new Angel for her exceptional massage. Vanessa will be looking forward to seeing you.

Age:30 Height:164 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C

Amelie ( January 31 - February 6 )

She is not an angel, she is a witch ... it takes just one look into her beautiful eyes and you are lost. She will draw you to herself with nearly magical power and you will not be able to resist. She is a young girl, but do not be fooled by her age. She knows exactly how to massage and relax your stiff body, excite all your senses with B2B or how to play with you during a light BDSM games. Let yourself get caught in her nets and come to our little witch for a massage to find out that without you actually knowing why, you’ll still have to think about her, return to her in your secret imaginations and look forward to the moment when you can meet her again in our salon.

Age:21 Height:170 Weight:55 Breast: B

Linda ( January 31 - February 6 )

Let us introduce this lovely little Angel Linda. It is obvious and useless to say that she is very young, very beautiful and very slim girl, you can see it on your own eyes. But what you don’t see and what you can find only when you meet her is that she is very nice, friendly and open girl. Every massage is for her like first love making. She wants to slowly uncover your body piece by piece and discover what pleases you and delights you. Come to be pampered by our new angel and enjoy a massage with her.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C

Rachel ( February 6 - 10 )

Hot Hot Hot it is obvious that Rachel is a beautiful, self-confident young woman. She has many years of experience in erotic and tantric massage and knows how to please the man and relax his body. Her massage is very sensual with a pinch of spice. We will definitely recommend the Lap dance before massage, when you can please yourself admiring her beautiful curves, moving in the rhythm of music, when she will slowly put all her lingerie off and undress you at the same time. After that, well-tuned, you will enjoy her warm touches that will take you to the very top of bliss.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:54 Breast: Natural D

Stefanie & Sabrina ( February 6 - 11 )

Double trouble ... ...aaand double pleasure, for sure :) Dear clients, we are still trying to bring you something new, to brighten your time, which you decided to spend in our salons, whatever those are new extras or various events. So this time we have a real delicacy for you. You've never had the opportunity to experience this unique and rare massage. Stefanie and Sabrina are not just beautiful young girls, they are very close to each other, they are twins. They have been massaging together for two years so they are incredibly well functioning team. Stefanie is calmer of the two and Sabrina wilder, but when they work, their energies blend together so you can feel something very special during their 4-hands massage or lesbian show. However, the girls decided to keep you in suspense for a while and the photos, where you will see them in all their beauty, will not be published until the date of their arrival in Oslo. Of course, there is a possibility to come for a massage to only one of them. In case that you decide to try 4-hands, we have prepared a special price list below as a bonus from us.

We do not want to reduce the prices for extras, because, as compared to other salons, we leave the whole fee to the masseuses and do not take half of the price as is usual. For this reason, we do not want to "touch" their extras and reduce them. Anyway, after a discussion with masseuses we have found a suitable option to make your 4-hands more pleasant. E.g. You will only pay 200nok for one spa procedure and you can enjoy it with one masseuse before the massage and the other after the massage. B2B session for 300nok, which takes 15 minutes, can be split in half so you can enjoy this extra from both, half with each one. This way you can enjoy all offered extras with both of these beautiful masseuses and you don't have to pay twice. Come and let your self be pampered by these lovely kittens who will be happy to take care of your comfort.

60minut 2300nok

90minut 2800nok

120minut 3300nok

150minut 4000nok

180minut 4500nok

Age:20 Height:160 Weight:50 Breast: Natural B