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Olivie & Victoria ( September 10 -30 )

4 hands with a pinch of spices ... Two beautiful lolitas, Victoria and Olivia, has just arrived to us. They are best friends having a lot in common and even live together. They like to have fun, but sometimes the fun turns into something more .... Come and try their 4 hands massage with a lesbian show and experience something completely new. Two beautiful tender beauties that will take care of your comfort and if it was your wish and fantasy, they will be happy to devote themselves to each other for a while. If anyone is worried about coming to them either for 4 hands or for a solo massage for fear of not having enough experience, because of their young age, you can read here many positive reviews on girls in comparable age, though at a very high level, both due to the professionalism of the massage, as well as from dealing with clients. For example, Beata, Amelie and others. At Angels, we pay attention to a high standard in all aspects.

Unfortunately, Olivia has injured herself while skating on her in-lines and cannot arrive. Therefore will Nela stay longer from 10.9 to 15.9 for 4-hands massages with Victoria and then will be replaced by Beatka from 15.9 to 20.9, and Lucy from 20.9. to 30.9.

For these 4-hands we prepared special price list for you:

60minut 2300nok

90minut 2800nok

120minut 3300nok

150minut 4000nok

180minut 4500nok

Beata ( September 15 -30 )

Our sweet Angel Beata is back !!! Bea likes you and you like her. Since she was not able to satisfy the demand of all of her clients during the last visit, she decided to come back sooner and take care about you again. So do not miss this opportunity and visit her to relax, calm down and enjoy her lovely company.

Age:22 Height:158 Weight:62 Breast: Natural B

Charlie ( September 20 -30 )

Fiery, Fiery Beauty it is Charlie. She was introduced to us by her best friend Ella, whom many of you already know well. Since Ella is very happy in our salon, she decided to bring her best friend to us and show her your beautiful city, our salon and enjoy the gallantry of Norwegian men. Let us to introduce this new angel. Charlie is a model who travels around the world and takes professional photos to various magazines with sportswear and lingerie. She likes luxury and enjoys life. She is a girl full of vigor, and just as her red hair is the color of fire, so her nature is just as fiery and passionate. She started massages of this type three years ago, when she started going to an erotic massage to get to know her body better and find out where on her beautiful body she is most sensitive to another person's touch. During this revealing journey, she found that she enjoyed the very close presence of not only a man but also another woman. Later, she began to educate herself in massages and enjoy massages as a masseuse with a client. Together with her friend Ella, they are an explosive combination for 4-hands massages.

Ella ( September 20- 30 )

Our beautiful Ella is not a typical angel, she is a wild cat who likes to play. She will tease your imagination and change roles. Each of her massages is different and "tailor-made" for you. What kind of energy she will perceive that way will be her massage. Either calm and relaxing or passionate and wild. Come to our beautiful Elle and let yourself be surprised.

Amanda ( October 1- 11 )

is a petite young lady with unbridled temperament, although she appears to be very fragile, she has a fire that can keep you warm or burn you. She is a girl full of contradictions. In her work, which she has been doing for 5 years, she is absolutely professional, but at the same time she likes to play and balance on the edge. Put your body confidently in her experienced hands and let her guide you through the massage.

Age:25 Height:163 Weight:56 Breast: Natural B

Lucy ( September 20- 30 )

Lucy is only available for 4 hands massages with Victoria not for solo massages . Lucy is a mature beauty with 20 years of experience in massaging. You can try her shiatzu, Thai or Hawaiian massage, lava stones, reflex foot massage or tantric massage, which she has been practicing for 6 years. She always approaches to each client individually and every of her massages is tailored to his needs, so do not be afraid to talk to her about your wishes before or during the massage and tell her your ideas and needs. She will be happy to meet them, so that you could enjoy the time with her it to maximum.

Nika ( September 30 - October 10 )

A new Angel has just arrived ... let’s welcome her to our team and enjoy care and pampering from our Nika. She is an experienced classy woman, who knows exactly how to treat a man to make him relax quickly and enjoy the time spent in her presence to the maximum. She has been working in massages and wellness for 10 years, so she has a lot of experience with various types of massage. Come and welcome this mature beauty and taste her care and enjoy her gentle and sensual touches.

Age:39 Height:170 Weight:67 Breast: Silicone D

Daniela ( October 1-11 )

If you love arts, you are right with our Daniela. She has a lot of pictures on her beautiful slim body. Our tattoo fan is not only an art girl, but she's kind and still smiling. She is very popular among clients for her friendly and cheerful nature. Her massage can be delicate and sensual as well as wild and passionate, it only depends on both of you.

Age:23 Height:165 Weight:60 Breast : Silicon D