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(from 5.5. to ?)

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Beata is a still shining star in our team. We have been cooperating with this amazing girl for more than two years, and during that time she has not only built up a regular clientele of customers who like to return to her, but also dazzles newcomers. It is not only by her attractive looks, but mainly by her friendly and open nature. She will always welcome you with a smile and in a good mood. Her massage is professional and always tailored individually to the client, according to his wishes or needs. Do not hesitate to visit this sweet Angel and come and enjoy the time spent with our little Beata during her massage.

age 25, height 163, weight 56, bra B


(from 2.7. to 13.7.)

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​Nela is back!!! We are very happy to inform you that our little angel Nela will visit your beautiful city again. After a half-year break when she traveled and got to know new countries, tried different salons and a different system of work and also gathered experience in other salons, she took new courses on different types of massage so that she could provide wider services and take more care of her clients… she is back ❤️
It is very pleasant and relaxing when you can let your feelings fade away in the final phase of the massage and enjoy her head and face massage. He also incorporates the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage into her massages.Come to welcome your favorite angel again and enjoy the improved service provided by this exceptional girl.

age 28, height 160, weight 60, bra D


(from 5.7. to 14.7.)

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Dear clients, a new little angel has arrived – first time in Norway – first time in Oslo. ❤️
Come and welcome the beautiful Viki to us. She is a young girl but a real lady. Her demeanor is elegant and at a high level. Due to the fact that she has traveled to many countries and likes to get to know new nationalities and cultures, she has a lot of life experience thanks to her travel experiences.
On the work side, she decided to enter the world of Tantric and erotic massages from the world of classic massages and enrich her professional growth
Her massages are always individual, according to the needs of the client, so Viki will be very happy if you tell her your idea before the massage.
Come to us, welcome this Queen and let her get you hyped

age 29, height 178, weight 62, bra D


(from 8.7. to 18.7.)

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Dear clients, welcome our new angel. So the correction… Alexa is not an angel, she is truly a Goddess ❤️
Her physical attractiveness catches your attention immediately, which is a big bonus for this exceptional girl. It is a combination of physical appearance with her gentle and friendly nature. In terms of work, she is very professional and has been giving massages for several years. She often travels for work and has extensive experience in different countries, but this is her first time in Norway and she is very much looking forward to the opportunity to show her care and pampering to the local Vikings.

Come to our salon to welcome this Goddess and enjoy her massage.


(from 13.7. to 23.7.)

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A new angel has come to us. Come and welcome this mysterious beauty.  She’s Vanesa, a typical femme fatale, she’ll fascinate you with her charm and feminine demeanor. During the massage she will play with you and take you to the limit of “bearable”. Don’t miss her Lap Dance as a sensual start to what’s to come…

age 29, height 170, weight 60, bra C, blue eyes


(from 15.7. to 27.7.)

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​Dear clients, please welcome our new angel… Chloe is actually not quite an angel, although she will also (figuratively speaking) transport you to the heavens during the massage, but it’s more of a rocket 😉… so the same direction but much faster.
She is a passionate girl who will not leave anyone cold, of course the first thing you will be captivated by is her perfect body. That’s just the beginning, because Chloe is very professional, friendly and open, always in a good mood. Her massage is soft and calm at the beginning and becomes passionate and sensual during b2b. With her perfect body and b2b massage, she will bring you to heaven.

age 26, height 167, weight 52, bra B


(from 27.7. to 5.8.)

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​Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energies – it is something that makes me feel complete. It is something that helps us find a way to human nature. It shows how to accept and love ourselves. Tantra is spiritual road, where we can meet each other in mutual respect. Tantra massages attract me with the chance, that I can deeply affect not only the surface of human body, but also human heart and soul. I like to be surprised and fascinated by every new meeting.

age 38, height 171, weight 58, bra D

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(from 5.8. to 14.8.)

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Lena is a very friendly, empathetic and gentle girl. Her hobbies are good food, horses and what is important information for you 😊 massages. She has been doing them for 5 years, her massage is heartfelt and she always tries to tune into the client’s needs. Like each of our angels, she treats her clients individually, she cares about your feelings and it is important to her that the client is happy and well relaxed with her massage.
Lena is and gives a very gentle impression, but she has her other face …
She also does BDSM massages and is the only one of our masseuses who is an expert in Shibara and bondage. For more information please contact our operator.

Want to try something new ? Have you ever wanted to be completely immobilized by another person ? Take your fantasies to another level ? Try Shibari bondage. Lena has been practicing this art for several years and it has become her passion. It can be combined with BDSM practices or on its own.
Before the actual bondage, Lena will ask you in a short conversation what your fantasies and expectations are and during the bondage you will be telling her your feelings so that she can tighten it more or release it, while checking the bound body parts to avoid stopping the blood circulation.
Bondage takes time, so the minimum massage time is 90 minutes. The price for this extras is the same as for BDSM 400,-
Come and enjoy a new exciting experience and maybe even discover your new passion – being in the power of a beautiful woman without being able to move.

age 28, height 176, weight 58, bra C