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10/03/2019, 09:14 PM

St.Patrick's day is coming

Come to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which originally coming from Ireland, but spread slowly throughout the world. This is a celebration in honor of Saint Patrick, the first Christian missionary in Ireland and...   More

10/03/2019, 10:59 AM

Welcome new Angel in our team - Rachel

Hot Hot Hot - let us introduce our new Angel, at first look, it is clear that Rachel is a beautiful, self-confident young woman. She has many years of experience in erotic and tantric massage and knows how to...   More

10/03/2019, 10:58 AM

Welcome new Angel in our team - Sofie

Sofie is a real Angel among all Angels, she is a very nice and friendly girl. Her soft touches and hugs will instantly take you to another world. Just relax and let this adorable being take care lovingly of...   More

03/03/2019, 11:04 AM

Welcome new Angel in our team - Niky

If you've always been wanting to meet a gorgeous, still smiling and yet sexy Angel, Niky is the right choice for you. Her massage can be delicate and sensitive, but also very intense and erotic. She likes to...   More

24/02/2019, 10:50 PM

Welcome new Angel in our team - Betty

Who would not know her. At her time she was an iconic sexbomb, despite being a cartoon "only". If you ever thought about how she would be looking like if she was alive, you can see our Betty. She is her real...   More

22/02/2019, 09:34 PM


Some clients have been asking us about discounts, that have become a trend recently in other salons and whether we will introduce them too. In return, were asking our clients whether they have already used...   More

07/02/2019, 04:02 PM

Happy Valentine’s day

Don’t you know how to surprise your sweet heart or girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Has she already got the diamond earrings, keys of the new BMW too and a romantic trip to Paris will not excite her anymore ? Be...   More

06/02/2019, 01:56 PM

New Angel in our team

Let us introduce our little adorable Frenchwoman. Lily comes from Czech, but she traveled all over France, learned the language and the art of seducing men from French women. As Coco Chanel has already said:...   More

11/01/2019, 10:06 PM

Without limit....

Dear clients, you have favored the Spa procedure (paid extra service: 200nok) in which a beautiful masseuse makes peeling of your skin and when she soaps you with lots of scented foam with her hands and her...   More

07/01/2019, 11:37 AM

Thank you

Thank you for your generosity during the Christmas. Our piggies had filled up their tummies. Because these devices were very popular, we decided to keep them in our salons so you could continue to reward your...   More

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