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Some clients have been asking us about discounts, that have become a trend recently in other salons and whether we will introduce them too. In return, were asking our clients whether they have already used these services and price packages and how satisfied they were with the service. Most of clients responded that the promised free extras were not offered to them by masseuse at all or were performed in poor quality so they were disappointed in the end.
We really do not want to go this way.
Angel’s is a team of professional masseuses, each of them with her own style and distinctive charm. We always treat our clients individually, understand and enjoy our work and that all is reflected on the quality of massage. Prices of massages are the same as anywhere else. But prices of extras are lower comparing to other salons. The reason is that we want our client to indulge or combine more extras at one time and enjoy the massage at maximum in the same price.
The concept of the Angel’s salon doesn’t rely on bombastic text in advertisement, with a lot of emoji around or luring clients for discounts. Our vision is to create a place for clients where they can really relax, where they will get maximal comfort and will be happy to return to. So we constantly invest our energy, time and money to improvement of our services. And this is our answer to the new “hit": discounts and price packages.
Thank you for your understanding.
Angel’s team

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