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Without limit....

Dear clients, you have favored the Spa procedure (paid extra service: 200nok) in which a beautiful masseuse makes peeling of your skin and when she soaps you with lots of scented foam with her hands and her naked body. If often happens that during this procedure client gets the first hand massage of intimate parts and experiences first orgasm before the massage starts. After the shower follows a massage and at the end of it usually comes another happy end. So we decided not to limit the Double pleasure by lenght od massage. In some other saloons is Double pleasure taken as extras for 300 or 400 nok. In our salon, we have been offering this pleasure for free with longer times of massage. But after your experience with Spa procedure, we have decided that Double Pleasure will no longer be limited by lenght of massage and that we will offer it free of charge to every massage. Before the massage starts, you can just whisper your wish to your masseuse and relax like you were dreaming about.

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