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Halloween is here

Just like every year, this year we have prepared a celebration of the All Saints' Day in our salons. Right at the door, you will be greeted by a typical decoration and our beautiful witches will offer you a spooky welcome drink . In addition, to make your visit more pleasant on this day, we have prepared a real Magic Ritual, consisting of a Spa procedure and Lap dance before the massage, completely free of charge.

This year again, we have been thinking about the gift that our witches will give at your leave. We discovered an absolutely superb and delicious cupcakes from the company "cupcake and pie" and got recommended the most popular taste variants (see picture no. 3). So our carolers will take Red velvet or Tiramisu cupcake with them and also a can of Monster as an strengthening drink and energy supplement, before the start of the evening of All Saints' celebrations.

Come to enjoy and celebrate Halloween with us in the salon with an authentic atmosphere, extras and presents for you.

We are looking forward to your visit, with love and respect to your Angels

Ps: We always primarily mind the quality of our services and the satisfaction not only of the client, but also of our little angels. Therefore, as always, when we organize events in salons and give you some of the extras for free as a gift, our angels have these extras fully paid by the salon. This guarantees the same length and quality of the extras and the satisfaction of masseuses, who never have to work for free at the expense of a discount or service that the salon wants to provide free of charge to our clients.

Taking photos with animals

Dear clients,

we are always trying to bring you something new and interesting that you cannot not find anywhere else. This time we dedicated our time and effort to new style of photography. You are used to girls photographed in lingerie in Glamor style with us. We have tried cooperation with four different photographers, to bring you new and interesting style of photos. But now we have decided for something completely different.

Photoshoot with animals.

We contacted three other photographers, each with a different style, and chose different animals. It is a completely different photo shoot with a live, often exotic animal, where you have to respect the comfort of the animal and at the same time create interesting photos. For your interest, we also adding photos and videos from behind the scenes of the photo shoot itself and the final photo. Enjoy the spectacle.

In the gallery you can see first Lucy with tigers, horse and fox (photographed by Filip Matušinský then Nela with Jasmine taking a photo with a snake (photographed by Simona Nálepková and Alexandra with a fox

With love and respect, your Angels

Something to help you fight the virus
Dear clients, the Covid age has returned to us and again it is appropriate to protect ourselves more and take care about our health. It's a global and serious thing, but even so, we think that a little exaggeration and humor will always help to better overcome this situation and strengthen the immunity by a good mood is the most pleasant way of prevention. In the Czech Republic, the government has re-introduced the "facemaskland" and is changing the rules on who shall wear face masks, when and where on a daily basis, which leads to the general amusement of the people. see picture no.1. In Russia, leading scientists have already developed an effective vaccine that has been actually treating all diseases for several generations, see picture no.2. At home, we rely more on the power of nature and herbs, see picture no.3. Even at this special time, we are all in this together with you and we are thinking of you. We have prepared Anti-Covid packages for our dear clients, containing pocket disinfection of the external type, pocket disinfection of the internal type and sweet candies with herbs and vitamin C. Our beautiful Angels have prepared 150 of these packages in the salons and will give them to you at your visit.
We wish you all good health and a positive mood. 

With love and respect, your Angels.

Dear clients, 

some of you are asking us again for discounts and extras for free. That is why we again decided to answer publicly: because the borders are open for everyone again, including for tourists, there is a kind of "overpressure" of Czech salons. In an effort to attract clients, these "our new colleagues" offer discounts, discount packages or extras for free. 

We have already commented this topic a year ago and we are just copying this article back as you can see below. Angels offer higher-than-standard services at regular prices, so we will never follow this trend, because clients, that are looking for quality are not only returning back to us, but also new ones are keep coming. That is why we do not have to "attract" clients to our salon in a similar way, we do not provide discounts and we think that our masseuses deserve the pay for their work and extras. 

With love and respect, your Angels.


Some clients have been asking us about discounts, that have become a trend recently in other salons and whether we will introduce them too.

In return, were asking our clients whether they have already used these services and price packages and how satisfied they were with the service. Most of clients responded that the promised free extras were not offered to them by masseuse at all or were performed in poor quality so they were disappointed in the end.
We really do not want to go this way.

Angel’s is a team of professional masseuses, each of them with her own style and distinctive charm. We always treat our clients individually, understand and enjoy our work and that all is reflected on the quality of massage. Prices of massages are the same as anywhere else. But prices of extras are lower comparing to other salons. The reason is that we want our client to indulge or combine more extras at one time and enjoy the massage at maximum in the same price.

The concept of the Angel’s salon doesn’t rely on bombastic text in advertisement, with a lot of emoji around or luring clients for discounts.

Our vision is to create a place for clients where they can really relax, where they will get maximal comfort and will be happy to return to. So we constantly invest our energy, time and money to improvement of our services.
And this is our answer to the new “hit": discounts and price packages.

Thank you for your understanding.

Angel’s team

Welcome at Angel's

Dear clients, because you often praise the environment of our salons, we would like to introduce the spaces in which our Angels welcome you also to the newcomers. Each of the salons has a separate work area - a massage parlor and private area for girls. Our masseuses never share or even sleep in the same space where they give the massage. This way, they can also relax from their work and enjoy the feeling of privacy in pleasantly furnished spaces just for themself. We care not only for your comfort, but also for comfort of our amazing little Angels. 

In the gallery bellow, now you can see Olivia showing salon No. 2 and Victoria, who welcomes you in salon No. 3. And our website you can see Laura showing salon No.1. in her personal profile.
Our girls also took pictures of their private rooms to walk you through their whole kingdom.
With love your Angels.

Refreshment for you....

Dear clients, summer is already in full swing outside. It rains sometimes, but the other times it's very hard to breath the hot and humid air on the street. That is why will our masseuse offer you chilled ice tea for refreshment right at the door of our salon. We even fitted our salons with fans to make you feel comfortable inside. But after the massage, you will have to return back to harsh environment on the street again when you need to return home. That is why we brought for your small bottles of mineral water from the Czech for your refreshments after you leave our salon. Like in every detail in our salons, we were carefully selecting the right mineral water for you. We chose the spring water of the Rajec company, which is very popular in our homeland. It is suitable for everyday drinking, due to the balanced mineral content of 316 mg / liter and low sodium content. It is in 330ml bottles, that will fit easily to your hand and our masseuse will be happy to give you this chilled water, right from the fridge when you leave.
With respect and love, your Angels.

Is even possible ? ....

The seventh client already, with a little fear, asking us before visiting Alexandra if she is really as pretty as she is on the photos and that he is afraid to come. We have been already solving the same issues with our other masseuses. A lot of clients share with us their negative experiences from other places, that they find a pretty girl on her professional photos, attracts them to come for massage, but when they arrive at the salon, someone with completely different-look opens the door to a big disappointment for the client.

We are Professional Massage Salon and we have always been honest with to our clients taking care of every detail in this field.

A Photography versus Reality ...

Every three months we organize for our ladies the photo sessions with a professional photographer. So it is impossible in our salon for a masseuse to work with one set of photographs over and over for two years, like you can see on other places. On the glamour photos, can client see a girl with makeup and a professional dress up, in lingerie, but never exposed. These photos are intended for websites presentation. Some girls like to show off their beauties and expose themselves a bit more, which we only allow on RealEscort website, and it must always be a tasteful photo or artistic nude, not cheap erotic poses. We do not need to "attract" clients by this cheap type of eroticism in an effort to encourage more clients to visit our salon. If we allow the masseuse to use nude photos, then only at a level corresponding to the level of our salon and only on the RealEscort website, not on our web.

For a more accurate idea about the appearance of our masseuse, we also take photos of the ladies in the salon and only by mobile phone, without filters and adjustments, or the ladies provide us with their selfie or photos from their everyday life, where the client has the opportunity to see the girl in real life. Each of the ladies on duty has also free time after work or day off, when we take care of them individually and make for them a "salon sightseeing tour" in the style of Hop on - Hop off (smiley) when we show them the sweet spots of your beautiful city so they could to see where they are and they could enjoy Oslo, get to know your city more and fall in love with it as much as we do.

It is very important for us that ladies feel good on their duty, have the opportunity to take a break from work and gain new energy. Which they can then put back into their work and pass it on to you. During these trips, the ladies take photos as a souvenir and some of them will provide them for our publication, for which we thank them.
In this way, clients can see the masseuse in glamour professional photos, which are changing through the year, on unedited photos from the salon or selfies in lingerie in the home environment, as well as from their trips where the ladies are in their comfortable clothes.

You can't really find a larger photo gallery and a more accurate idea anywhere. Even though our ladies are very physically attractive, there is no need to worry that other lady than the one who caught your attention on the photos would welcome you at door of our salon.

We wish you a nice day and look forward to your visit. With respect your Angels


Like every year, like in any season, we always prepare some seasonal snacks for you. In winter we offer hot drinks and sweets, in summer a selection of cold drinks and fresh fruits. And this year is no different.
Before the massage will our Angels offer you a cup of freshly made lemonade, iced tea or orange juice on ice, as well as a bowl of fresh fruit for refreshments. We look forward to your visit, with love to your Angels

We still think about you...

You always get something extra in our salons. Every time clients leave for home, they can they take something sweet with them. We are still thinking about our clients and that is why we have been looking for a suitable gift for you. We think that in this Corona age, the best gift is a disinfection that we can all carry with us. It was not easy to find a disinfection with sufficient efficiency, with the delivery in larger quantities and, last but not least, in a suitable package. Finally, we found one from the Danish company Coolpriser - hand sanitizer spray, which has 85 percent alcohol and 99.9 percent effectiveness against Coronavir. At the same time, it contains glycerin, thanks to which it does not dry out the skin of the hands, vaporizes quickly and does not leave a greasy surface on your hands. It is in a practical 10 ml bottle, which can be easily hidden in your pocket. In addition, it is refillable, which we really like, so you can refill it at home later and have it still with you at.
In Corona age it is the disinfection the "Cherry on the top" which you can take home 😊


Like an every year, we have been looking forward very much to the beautiful flag parade walking through the city in traditional Norwegian costumes, passing the Johans gate to the Royal Palace, where the Royal family would be exchanging waves and greetings with the crowds. Unfortunately, because of the current situation, this spectacle will be limited this year.  But it is not needed to be sad for it, you can celebrate this holiday in our salons. On this important day, we have prepared Kransekake with whipped egg cream for you in the salons.

Every time we celebrate in our salons, we offer you, our dear clients, some extras for free as a gift from our masseuses. Grunnlovsdagen is a very important holiday for Norwegians, so we had to come up with something special as well. This time we will not only give you an extras for free, but straight away we will give you a whole masseuse 😊 .... Following to the marketing model : Buy one and get the other for free (see the photo in gallery).  On this special day May 17th will Lucy be available for 4-hands massages for free. If you want to try this type of massage, you will only pay for one masseuse, whether you opt for Beata or Nataly, Lucy can join the massage and make 4-hands massage for free, as a gift for you ❤️.

As always, at the end, when you would be leaving our salon, we have prepared little gift bags four you with a small pleasure. It will be traditional Norwegian delicacies this time.

We are looking forward to seeing you, your Angels

100 positive reviews !!!

We cannot find the words to express our gratitude and the joy we feel at the same time. Despite the overall situation that is now around the Corona virus and despite the fact that we have been closed for a month, we are in daily contact with our clients through operators and chat rooms, where you express support for us in various ways, including reviews on Realescort. At the beginning of this situation, we decided to stay on this advertising portal and, despite the high costs, to continue paying our advertisement for two reasons. The first is to stay in touch with you, and the second is that you could always find us where we were for last two years - on top of your priority ads as a first profile. Therefore, you will know immediately after reopening, where you can find us ... again on top as the first advertisement ❤️

When we received the 50th positive review from you six months ago, it was an incredible feeling of satisfaction for the work we do, and your appreciation it by public praise and recommendation to other clients… So do not what to know how we feel now ... We appreciate you very much and thank you our clients. We will reopen as soon as possible and will take care of your comfort as well and with love as ever.
Your Angels

On the photo, made specially to celebrate the hundredth positive review, you can see our youngest Angel and next to her is the oldest Angel – the founder of Angels massage 😊

In the complete photo gallery, which you can find in the News on our website, you can also see the ratings of our real escort profile. We are honored and we are very happy that despite the fact that our salon has been closed for more than a month, you stayed in daily contact with us through chat and operator. The viewership of our profile is the same like it was during normal operation, even without the need to attract your attention by photos of naked masseuses in erotic poses, as is usual here. 

Incredible "50"

We would like to share with you a happy news. As you might know, here in Norway we also present our salon on a special advertising server, like all other local salons. And it just happened that our profile reached an incredible number of positive reviews from clients who have already visited us, making it the most popular salon in Oslo.

It is unbelievable, that salons that has been working in your beautiful city for 3-5 and even more years have received 15-20 positive reviews, but our little baby Angels, which operates here one year only, has an incredible 50. Review is for us a feedback from you to our work and efforts to constantly improve and maintain a high standard of services we provide. Everyone can pay for advertisement, write bombastic words in a profile and lure clients to various, whatever given or not given discounts, but this is not our way.

Our way is the best possible quality and honest work.
You as our clients are satisfied with us and not only returning to us, but also sharing your opinion with others by reviews and recommending us to others.
We appreciate your opinion and we are pleased with every positive reaction, it is a commitment for us to continue working on ourselves in the future, so that you can always find your oasis of piece, where you can recharge your energy and relax.

Report from taking our pictures

Dear clients,
you often praise pictures of our little Angels and ask where we take these pictures and where we get inspiration for taking them. As with every detail in our salons, we also care about the presentation of our masseuses so we want to be also original in this way and still want to bring you something new. That is why are our ladies taking regular photo shooting every three months. We have been cooperating with three different photographers over the course of the year, each one with his own style of photography, work with light and different backgrounds. So here we are. We are pleased to bring you the photo report from behind the scenes of the shooting itself, so that you have an idea of how are taken these photographs, which always please you.
Your Angels
PS: In the gallery you can see first the picture from the background and second is the final post processed version of the photo as you know it from our website.

Excellent massage in Excelent

Dear clients, because you know that we are a Czech salon and we have only Czech masseuses, you are often asking us if our masseuses give massages also outside Norway in their home country. Many of you know Prague, where are most of masseuses coming from. And many of you told us that when they choose a place for a stag party, a New Year's Eve party or a celebration in a purely men's style, they choose our capital as a destination because of the close distance, affordability and legality of all entertainments that are needed for such a men's weekend party ... In Czech Republic we cooperate with the renowned erotic massage salon where are most of our masseuses coming from. You will definitely find there your favorite lady who gave you massage here in Oslo and after your arrival at Prague you can come to her for a massage and enjoy relax with your favorite masseuse even on your trip.
Photos of some masseuses from salon Excelent with whom we cooperate you can see here in the gallery. They were photographed in the beautiful premises of their salon in Prague.

Happy Valentine's day

Don’t you know how to surprise your sweetheart or girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Has she already got the diamond earrings, keys of the new BMW too and a romantic trip to Paris will not excite her anymore ?
Be original and give her a whole new experience that you (a little bit selfishly) will come to enjoy with her. Give her a massage for couples. Step over the taboo and come to revive or broaden your intimate life. You do not have to be worry or be ashamed here.
If she didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t enjoy it, the masseuse can, of course, omit the massage of your intimate parts and your partner can enjoy a beautiful relaxing massage with lava stones and almond oil and relax with us ... or she can indulge herself by watching you being massaged and excited by our beautiful masseuses. We highly recommend 4-hand massage with two masseuses or longer time of massage.
We are trying to make pair massages more accessible also by price, which stays exactly the same as you would come for a solo massage. We did not increase the price. However, if you decide to come alone and celebrate saint Valentine’s day with us, we have prepared a nice gift for you. In a gift bag you can take home, according to your choice, a small bottle of quality white or red Czech wine, scented soap with Cupid - our mascot and tenga egg for your "solo games" which you can also enjoy with your girlfriend. What is more, we want to be as close as possible to you on this day of love, so we decided to give you one more gift a free B2B, so let’s celebrate.
We look forward to your visit, your Angels

Dear clients, you are asking us about extras for free, which we give you as a gift for various holidays. You are asking if the extras will be in full length. Answer is Yes, all extras takes about 15 minutes, even those you get from us for free. At the same time, you are wondering whether the masseuse will be paid for the extras and not have to make the extras for free. Answer is Yes again, just as we do not cheat you, we are absolutely fair to our ladies as well. Extras, which we are giving you as a free gift, have our masseuses fully refunded by salon.

Christmas at Angel's

Christmas is the season what we spend with our loved ones and enjoying family well-being. But they can also bring some pressure and stress ... for example, when you are trying to create the right Christmas atmosphere or trying to buy the right gifts ... and sometimes it can be just too much. Therefore, we decided to keep our salon open throughout the whole Christmas and New Year's Eve, so you do not lose the warm place where you can rest well and relax. A place where you can "switch off" completely and selfishly enjoy in the caring arms our beautiful little Angels.
As a gift from us and as thank you for your whole year favor, we have prepared small Christmas presents for you this year again. You will find there our home-made Christmas cookies that we baked for you, sparkling wine to drink and this year speciality. Two months ago, we bound cooperation with a candy manufacturer and ordered in London M&Ms candies with our monogram and a little cupid - the mascot of our salon.
We will be looking forward to your visit and wish you Merry Christmas, your Angels

Warm Autumn and Winter in our salon

Cold and rainy days has came again, bringing low and blue moods ... but not to our salons, where we have the right medicine for it. For your warming up, we have prepared hot black or green tea of quality brand Bassilur and traditional autumn drink Hot apple. For "non-drivers" we have a variation improved by a drop of Caribbean rum Captain Morgan for more taste and more warming ... Last year for the whole autumn and winter we were offering gingerbread to our dear clients as a complement to the hot tea. But this year we will do our best and every week we will be baking a new batch of traditional Christmas pastry the Linzer cookies for you. You can find the photo report from baking and filling cookies in the gallery below. The main stars here Angel Amanda, baking the cookies and Angel Amelia, filling the cookies with raspberry jam. Come to us to relax and recharge your batteries in the warm hands of one of our beautiful Angels. We are looking forward to see you.


Halloween is coming !

Dear clients, come to us on October 31, like last year. to celebrate the feast of all saints. Our beautiful witches will create for you the right atmosphere in our salons. Right at the door of the salon you will be welcomed with Halloween decorations (photo 2) and our Angel Witches will offer you a scary welcome drink* (photo 3). As a treat, our little Angel Olivie baked special "killer" cupcakes for drivers with lemon flavor and with vanilla flavor for non-drivers with infusion of secret ingredient*. By pressing the shot you can spice up your cupcake with special agent yourself (photo 5). For your pleasure and for creating the right atmosphere before the massage, your Angel will dance her magic dance*. In the end you will also get carol from us as a real caroler. This year we have prepared for you a spooky apple cider Hawkes, Angel Beata baked pumpkin and bat shaped cookies and added chocolate coins to the gift bag (photo 8)

* Scary welcome drink - kiwi syrup with water.

* Secret ingredient - Caribbean rum Captain Morgan,

* Magic dance - You get Lap dance from us for free on this day 

Oktoberfest in Oslo again

After last year success with Oktoberfest in our salons, we decided to celebrate this beer and food festival with you again. Angel's Massage is a purely Czech company and we would like to introduce you more goodies from our country. In Czech we have the most beautiful girls and the best beer. About the first thing you could assure yourself many times before, when you came to our salon for a massage. But the second thing we newly and specially brought to you right from Czech. You do not have to go for a beer to Oktoberfest to Munich, you can celebrate it in Oslo, where we brought it for you. On weekends 21-22.9, 28-29.9, 5-6.10 you can get a taste of quality Czech beer Pilsner Urquel, chilled right the fridge so you can drink right after a massage or take it with you in a stealthy bag to enjoy your gift in the comfort of your home. Because it is always good to bite something with a beer, we have a small improvement this year and you can choose from two tastes of small snack.

Sweet cherry on the top !!!

Our regular clients already know that after a massage, when you are about to leave, we always have a little sweets for you. In our salon we take care about every detail in so you could enjoy your visit even if you are leaving. For our esteemed clients we have already had Viennese mini biscuits Manner and excellent chocolate balls Lindor by Lindt. Now we have decided to cooperate with a small family chocolate factory in Czech and have made mini chocolates with our logo for you. Chocolates are in two versions. With Angel logo is a dark chocolate and with the initials of our company AM is milk chocolate. 
Don’t hesitate and come for some goodies.

Fallen Angels

With the growing interest of our clients in BDSM practices, whether it is a light form "when you just want to peek through the door" ... and gently tickle your imagination and experience something new and "forbidden" or you prefer more spicy a hard form, we have decided to expand equipment of our salon with new toys.
After an initial chat with our masseuse, when you will tell her your ideas and fantasies about running the course of BDSM massage, she will choose right toys for you. If you prefer bondage, we have latex tapes, ropes of several kinds and widths, metal chains, handcuffs and leather straps. If you are primarily interested in pain, we have here ferules, whips, leather swatters, electricity (of course it is a safe form and you can decide how much power should miss use), we also combine ice cubes with hot stones, have here two kinds of mouth gags, strap-ons, dildos, waxes and much more.

In connection to this, we have established cooperation with the leading art photographer Lars-Henrik Milert, who is the top on this field. Some of our masseuses let them be photographed for you to this subject. You can find them below in the gallery along with photos of our new BDSM toys. If you were interested in these photographs, you can buy Mr.Milert's calendars in our salons or check out his other works at

Every month in new !!!

At Angel’s we keep high standard in every detail. Because of the number of clients and the load on our bedding linen should not disturb you from feeling comforttably in our salon, we decided to regulary change all bath towels, towels, sheets and all the laundry used for massage for the brand new ones. What is more, we prepared new fluffy bathrobes and slippers in wchich you can relax in our salon.
Sincerely, thank you for your continued support of the Angel’s team.